What does Liqal do?


Tijn van de Reijt, LIQAL Operations Manager, explains what he does for LIQAL.

In December, I joined the wonderful team at LIQAL to start the challenging position of Operations Manager. What immediately appealed to me was the way each person takes responsibility for their role at LIQAL, while working together to come up with innovative solutions and do everything with excellence.

This is a perfect fit with me personally, and in my role where I am strategically and operationally responsible from the moment the quotation has been made to the final delivery of a project and the remote operation.

Part of my job is to inform new colleagues about what LIQAL does as a #technology developer, who we are, and how and where our products fit into the industry chain. This infographic gives an excellent illustration of the work LIQAL does every day to contribute to a greener future.

Download the infographic here >> LIQAL infographic

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