UK frozen food distribution goes cleaner and greener


Gasrec has chosen Dutch LNG experts LIQAL to deliver the innovative LNG refuelling technology at Reed Boardall’s newly opened gas station.

Demand for LNG as a clean transport fuel is stronger than ever as more distribution businesses make the switch to alternative fuels. Gasrec and LIQAL have brought their collective expertise together to deliver and install the new private LNG facility for Reed Boardall at the UK’s temperature control distribution business’s Yorkshire headquarters.

This will not only result in the convenience of onsite refuelling, but it will also support the business’ aims to reduce carbon emissions from its fleet, and take advantage of a lower cost and more sustainable fuel.

Gasrec is the largest supplier of natural gas and biogas to the UK road transport sector. It sees tremendous growth potential for renewable fuels and wanted a partner that could provide the right level of technology for this latest venture. For Dutch LNG technology developer LIQAL, expansion into new markets is a key part of its plans and its track record of developing cutting edge LNG technologies made them the perfect partner for Gasrec.

James Westcott, Chief Commercial Officer at Gasrec, explains: “We chose to work with LIQAL because we saw great synergy in our ambition and commitment to innovation. Our size makes us small enough to innovate, and in LIQAL we have found a partner equally committed to making the transportation sector as sustainable as possible.”

LNG station with next generation technology

The dedicated site at Boroughbridge – the first joint project delivered by LIQAL for Gasrec – will be used to refuel Reed Boardall’s modern fleet of Volvo FH LNG trucks delivering frozen food to supermarkets across the UK.

The fully scalable, skid-mounted refuelling station – known as an MRU – combines best in class performance with the flexibility of a relocatable fuelling facility. This compact, prefabricated system requires limited construction time on site and supplies the same fuelling consistency and reliability as a fully-fledged LNG fuelling station. LIQAL’s patented Boil Off Gas re-liquefication technology ensures unlimited holding time of LNG inside the storage tank. LIQAL also provides remote performance management services for the facility through its advanced online station platform and real-time dashboards for station KPIs and logistics planning.

Grow as you go

The MRU is fully scalable to cope with increased demand as Reed Boardall grows its gas fleet in the future.

As part of their expansion, LIQAL have recently partnered with Kosan Crisplant (part of Makeen Energy), who supported with the local UK installation work for this project.

LIQAL’s Business Development Manager Joost Jansen says: “We’re very excited to be taking our first steps into the UK market and delighted that the UK market leader in LNG transport fuel acknowledges the benefits of our station design and integrated project approach.”

Economic and environmental benefits

Lowering CO2 emissions is a robust impetus to invest in LNG, but transport operators can also make significant fuel cost savings thanks to a duty differential to diesel of approx. 50%, in place until 2032.

“The market is moving rapidly and it’s important to find technology to cope with demand,” says Westcott. “Working with LIQAL we can respond quickly to fulfil our customer’s needs.”

Gasrec can supply future-focused LNG solutions to meet the transport sector’s growing sustainable energy demands and support operators making the transition to LNG.

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