Tankpro’s interview with LIQAL’s CEO Jorg Raven by Dutch magazine tankpro


LIQAL’s founder and CEO Jorg Raven was interviewed by the Dutch magazine Tankpro, together with Jonas Cautaerts, Business Developer Colruyt Group. The article is about the first publicly accessible hydrogen fuelling station in Halle, Belgium.

Tankpro is the Dutch leading magazine, and the number one information and news source for service stations. Tankpro interviewed Jorg Raven, CEO of LIQAL, and Jonas Cautaerts, business developer of Colruyt group/DATS 24, about the first publicly accessible Hydrogen fuelling station in Halle Belgium and there view on energy transition in the mobility sector.

100% green Hydrogen

On the 8th of October, Colruyt Group officially opened its first publicly accessible hydrogen fuelling station making it possible to fill up with hydrogen in Halle, Belgium. The one hundred percent green hydrogen is produced with renewable energy from Eoly, not being generated from natural gas but with electrolysis from wind energy. The Colruyt Group started with Hydrogen in 2004 and now 75 forklift trucks run on it at the distribution centre. They contacted LIQAL for the design and realisation of the fuelling station.
Here you can read the branch case on how we realised the hydrogen fuelling station commissioned by Colruyt Group: Design, production and turnkey realisation of a 700 bar fast-fill Hydrogen fuelling station. 

A combination of alternative fuels

In the interview Jorg Raven speaks about his conviction that a combination of alternative fuels is needed to replace diesel and petrol.

At the moment we consume a lot of fossil fuels, it is a utopia to think that this consumption can be replaced by one solution.  We must make use of all available alternatives to quickly achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions in the transport sector. – Jorg Raven

Hydrogen is an interesting alternative but only when it is being produced in a green way. Otherwise you cannot speak of zero emission.

You can read the (Dutch) article here: Article Tankpro website.

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