Socogas to add new lng fuelling facility to fidenza site


SGIG, leading Italian EPC and service company for gas stations, has teamed up with Dutch LNG technology specialists LIQAL to install a new LNG fuelling system for Socogas in the Parma region. The San Michele Campagna site, operated by Eni, is located in Fidenza at the exit of the A1 motorway.

The integration of the LNG fuelling facility will strengthen the offering for LNG vehicles at this modern service station on the busy route between Milan and Bologna.

Italy was an early LNG adopter in Europe and has one of the biggest networks of 100 LNG fuel stations throughout the country, with projections to grow to 200 stations over the next two years.

With a stable infrastructure already in place, the challenges for a mature market like Italy are to provide standardisation and advanced fuelling technology.

“The Italian market for LNG as transportation fuel is no longer in its infancy and suppliers are looking for high tech and reliable LNG fuelling solutions that provide a consistent fuel experience for end users at the highest quality,” says Joost Jansen, Business Development Manager at LIQAL. “We are excited to take our first step into the Italian market with our local partner SGIG.”

SGIG has built 15 LNG fuel stations in Italy, and it took care of turnkey project supply on this latest project. LIQAL supplied the innovative LNG technology. This combination provides a highly stable and cost-effective solution for Socogas.

A 60 cubic meter LNG storage tank that provides fuel to two LNG dispensers and a CNG dispenser with two-sided fuelling possibility are added to the Fidenza site to give vehicle owners guaranteed quality, accessibility and supply.

Fabio Scaramuzza, Director at SGIG says: “We were looking for a company to deliver reliable LNG technology for seamless integration with existing fuel stations. That’s where LIQAL came in. Working together we can deliver integrated dependable technology to fulfil our customer’s needs.”

LIQAL and SGIG will also deliver remote performance management and local aftercare to ensure optimum station availability for Socogas. Patrizia Zucchi, CEO of the Socogas Group adds: “Our new fuelling facility needed to comply with the highest standards in terms of quality and safety given that we expect to a yearly throughput of more than 2,000 tons of LNG. The LIQAL system allows efficient operation and fast and consistent fuel supply to the vehicles”.

With more than 3,000 registered LNG vehicles, Italy has embraced the clear environmental benefits of LNG, and the government offers levies to support the transition away from diesel and other polluting transport fuels.

Future challenges include the need to improve LNG delivery to site and cost of supply. “Decentralised production of Bio-LNG from local organic waste will help to cut these costs,” says Joost Jansen. “LIQAL provides a real-time LNG deliveries dashboard feature for efficient planning of LNG logistics to stations which will also contribute”.

LNG continues to play a significant role in meeting Italy’s and the world’s need for reliable, low-emission, and low-cost transportation fuel.


About Socogas

Socogas is a leading company in the oil sector in Italy since 1967. The company has 220 employees and €460 million of turnover. Socogas delivers LPG to 36,000 households and industrial clients and has 25% share of the LPG transport market in Italy. The company owns and operates 80 petrol stations in the north of Italy of which 6 sell CNG and 3 sell LNG/L-CNG. These stations are operated under the brands Eni, Esso, Q8 and SOCOGAS.

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