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Our Business Development Manager Joost Jansen presented at the 6th international LNG congress in Brussels about our innovative and cost-effective fuelling solutions for small scale (bio)LNG.

This presentation will focused on opportunities in the European LNG industry for the transportation sector and explore the latest trends and developments in fuelling technology. LIQAL believes that LNG is the next station for service station owners for fuel LNG supply in the long haul transportation industry.

The main question posed in this session was what do fuel station operators need to deliver LNG for the transportation sector? What followed was will be an overview of some of the new facilities commissioned by LIQAL’s clients to supply LNG as a mainstream fuel for trucks, buses, trains and ships. To find out how small-scale projects are responding to the growing confidence in LNG and bio-LNG.

One of the major growth drivers in the transportation sector is to achieve a rapid reduction in carbon emissions and replace diesel with a more environmentally friendly alternative. LNG is a crucial step forward on the road to decarbonisation, but it is not the final destination. The LNG industry must also move towards more sustainable variants such as bio-LNG. Reducing CO2 by gradually switching to biomethane should be the main goal for the transportation sector.

In this session the audience heard about the liquefaction technology developed by LIQAL to produce bio-LNG, which is perfectly aligned with the transition to a low-carbon transport sector. This shift is vital and can be achieved by using the advanced technology of micro liquefaction systems. In the current European landscape, there are still some challenges facing the deployment of LNG refuelling stations. Some of these were highlighted, including the challenges of providing cost-effective, scalable fuelling solutions, expanding the current LNG infrastructure development and meeting society’s demand for greener solutions.

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