New LCNG fuelling station


New LCNG fuelling station open for business at DCB Energy hub in Borne.

The dispensers are open at LIQAL’s latest turnkey LCNG fuelling station.The fuelling station supplies liquid and compressed natural gas for vehicles at the DCB Energy Hub in Borne. Customers at this busy location near the A1 and A35 motorways in Twente can make the switch to cleaner, and affordable LNG and CNG fuelling.

This state-of the-art station has LNG and CNG dispensers as well as a micro liquefaction unit for BOG management. It is fully automated, easy to operate and reliable. LIQAL will provide a full service and maintenance system complete with real-time KPI dashboard and 24/7 helpdesk.

Responding to a demand for sustainable, cleaner fuel in the transport sector, the DCB Energy Hub in Borne is part of a growing network of multifuel filling stations throughout the Netherlands. The Energy Hub offers a complete range of fuelling options including electric charging points, green gas, biodiesel, HVO100 as well as traditional fuels.

LIQAL are driven by developing innovative technology solutions to change the way we fuel the transportation sector. LNG and CNG provide a clean alternative fuel to reduce CO2 emissions on the road to decarbonisation.

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