Tuesday, 17 October 2017 11:51


We are happy to announce that LIQAL’s Management System has been approved by Lloyd’s Register to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 11:44


LIQAL has been interviewed for the item "Bedrijf in Beeld" of Nove Visie, the trade journal for members of the Dutch association for independent fuel traders NOVE. 

Breda based LIQAL, turnkey supplier of small-scale LNG systems, developed a skid-mounted LNG refuelling station that offers station operators best in class performance with the flexibility of a relocatable system at lower investment requirements for both fuelling equipment and onsite project preparations.

This completely pre-fabricated and transportable LNG refuelling unit, the ‘MRU’, is SIL-2 classified and complies with the latest international standards and regulations, including ISO 16924. Because LIQAL integrated intelligent features of its proprietary design like on-the-fly saturation, a vapour return economizer, its MID certified LNG fuel dispenser with patented heated and purged nozzle docking bay and 24/7 iSCADA remote monitoring system, end users do not need to do any concession on fuelling performance compared to a fixed LNG station configuration.

Any tank type including mobile ISO storage can be connected to the MRU, which also holds space for LIQAL’s proven micro liquefaction technology that ensures unlimited holding time of LNG in the storage tank and enables supply of both saturated- and cold LNG to effectively fill all available LNG truck types (including the new Volvo EURO 6). The MRU offers the opportunity to position the dispenser at a distance from the skid for 2-sided refuelling of LNG and to add a LCNG system.

After turnkey supply and commissioning of the MRU, LIQAL takes responsibility for technical operation and maintenance of the system, if requested by client.


Breda based LIQAL has been awarded a contract by Tankterminal N.V. (Begoos Group) for the design and turnkey supply of a state-of-the-art LNG refuelling station for trucks in Lokeren, Belgium.

Tankterminal N.V. owns and operates tankcleaning facilities, including truck fuel stations in Lokeren, Gent and (at Unidet N.V.) in Meer, where diesel and AdBlue are offered to transport companies. Because LNG is considered as the most promising replacement fuel for diesel in heavy duty transportation, the company decided to invest in an installation to supply LNG at the truck lanes of its Lokeren site. This site is strategically located alongside highway E17, the main corridor between The Netherlands and France through the highways A16-E19 (Rotterdam-Antwerp) and A1-E17 (Paris-Lille-Ghent).

After an extensive comparison of station builders, Tankterminal N.V. contracted LIQAL for the design and turnkey supply of the LNG fuel station, which will be equipped with a seventy three cubic meter (73m3) storage capacity, ‘on the fly’ saturation and, initially, two LIQAL MID LNG dispensers with patented heated and purged nozzle docking bay. This multi-card LNG fuel station is designed for in total four LNG dispensers and to sell CNG in the future.
LIQAL fitted its ‘Micro Liquefaction’ technology in its design which ensures unlimited holding time of LNG without the use of liquid nitrogen (N2), and enables Tankterminal to provide end-users with cold as well as saturated LNG and effectively serve all truck brands that are available on the market.

Olivier Willekens, Business Development Manager at Tankterminal N.V.: ”We selected LIQAL as our partner because of its hands-on experience in the small-scale LNG industry, its intelligent solutions and they proved to be capable in assisting us in all aspects that are involved in development, realisation and operation of a state-of-the-art LNG fuel station”.

Jorg Raven, CEO at LIQAL, said: “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate with Tankterminal N.V. and, together with other stations that we have in preparation, get a firm foothold in Belgium. Another great proof of the market seeing the benefits of working together with our company and our high-end LNG fuelling technology”.

The station in Lokeren will be commissioned by the end of 2017. After commissioning, LIQAL will be responsible for technical operation and maintenance of the system.

For more information about our project partner, please visit: Tankterminal N.V.

Monday, 02 May 2016 07:54


LIQAL became a member of the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA) which represents the leading companies and associations that are involved in the business for natural gas as a transportation fuel.

The association, like LIQAL, is committed to expanding the European market for vehicles that run on clean and affordable LNG, CNG and Biomethane.

LIQAL, turnkey supplier of small-scale LNG and hydrogen (fuelling) installations, obtained a patent for a unique feature that is included in its dispenser for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

The LNG fuel dispensers, designed and produced by LIQAL, comply with all standards to sell LNG as transport fuel including the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and are fully certified to operate on the European market.

A patent has been obtained for the nozzle docking bay, which is integrated in LIQAL’s latest dispenser line. This docking bay is heated and purged in order to ensure tension-free connection and de-coupling of the nozzles to and from LNG-powered vehicles, as well as long life of nozzle seals and hoses.

The latest LIQAL dispenser has been implemented at the forecourt of various LNG station operators across North-West Europe who are convinced of its benefits compared to traditional dispensing- and docking devices.


We congratulate GP Groot and ENGIE LNG Solutions with the official opening of the first NXT fuel station in Alkmaar (the Netherlands) that took place earlier this month.

LIQAL was responsible for design and turnkey realisation of the LNG filling station for trucks. This station is equipped with LIQAL's Micro Liquefaction Unit that ensures unlimited holding time and the ability to dispense cold as well as saturated LNG.

Press release

Breda, the Netherlands, May 2, 2017 – LIQAL, the Dutch company that builds LNG and hydrogen fuelling stations for the transport sector, has secured an investment from the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) and investment fund KIKK Capital. LIQAL’s technology makes LNG (liquefied natural gas) more attractive as a replacement for diesel fuel in the heavy road and water transport sector. The use of hydrogen and LNG contributes to improved air quality, is better for the climate and provides financial benefits to transport companies.

The investment from BOM and KIKK Capital will allow LIQAL to continue to grow both in the Netherlands and abroad. In the immediate future, the company intends to recruit additional personnel, some of whom will be engaged to head new projects. LIQAL also intends to use the capital to boost innovation and strengthen its financial stability.

Clean fuels

Breda-based LIQAL is currently active in the Netherlands and Belgium, but has serious plans to expand into the entire European market. Despite low oil prices, the demand for LIQAL’s fuelling solutions is only increasing. Earlier this month, the company opened an LNG fuelling station in the Dutch city of Heerenveen for ENGIE LNG Solutions. Two more LNG stations are soon to follow, one in Alkmaar (also for ENGIE) and another in Lokeren, Belgium, for Tankterminal.

“We want clean, gaseous fuels to become mainstream instead of diesel in the heavy road and water transport sector,” says LIQAL CEO Jorg Raven. “That’s what you see happening right now. We’re proud that BOM and KIKK Capital are showing their confidence with this investment, which will allow us to contribute to a cleaner transport sector.”

LIQAL wants to lower the bar for using alternative, environmentally friendly fuels in the transport sector. Looking ahead, hydrogen will be the cleanest solution in the long term, but LNG can already be used on a wide scale. LNG is natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state for ease of storage and transport. It’s also much cleaner than diesel, and engines that run on it are much quieter. LNG’s most significant disadvantage is that it evaporates quickly as its temperature rises.

LIQAL’s innovation

LIQAL’s innovation helps prevent LNG from evaporating, so it can be stored in a filling station for an unlimited period of time. Unlike competing solutions, LIQAL’s system can also be installed on ships. LIQAL’s fuelling stations are designed with the end user in mind, so the result is safe and consumer- friendly. Another thing that sets LIQAL apart from the competition is that it can deliver turnkey solutions for its clients – generally, oil & gas companies, filling station operators and shipping companies.

“LIQAL is playing into a trend that actually started to emerge quite some time ago. The market for LNG is really just on the verge of maturing,” says Johan Sebregts, investment manager at KIKK Capital. His colleague Patrick Lems adds: “LIQAL is a young, driven company with an innovative technology that is already being used by some industry-leading parties. That’s great to see.”

Miriam Dragstra, director of BOM Capital: “From a perspective of sustainability and making a real contribution to a better environment, we see LIQAL as a very interesting player. This young, innovative company is closely aligned with the Brabant region’s strong position in the area of high tech and innovation, and also uses a lot of regional vendors, which we consider a big plus.”

In addition to financing, BOM and KIKK Capital will also be providing support in other areas like access to their network of experts and potential partners. Financial details of the investment were not released.


LIQAL is a young and innovative player that has set itself the goal of lowering the bar for the use of alternative, environmentally friendly fuels. LIQAL is pursuing this ambition with its own innovative designs of infrastructure like fuelling stations for hydrogen and LNG. LIQAL delivers high-quality solutions that offer low total cost of ownership (TCO) and excel in user-friendliness. For more information: www.LIQAL.com

About KIKK Capital

KIKK Capital invests in young companies that have developed and recently launched a new product, process or service. The shareholders and fund management invest not only with capital, but also by providing knowledge, skills and network connections. All its shareholders have their own body of expertise gained from holding leading positions in national and international businesses. KIKK Capital remains actively involved in its participations and holds itself to shared responsibility for the success of every company. For more information: www.kikkcapital.com

About BOM

BOM is an economic development agency committed to supporting the continued growth of companies in the Dutch Brabant region. BOM provides knowledge, capital, talent, market and facilities to ambitious entrepreneurs with growth potential who focus on finding solutions to economic and social issues. By doing this, BOM contributes to the sustainable development of Brabant’s economy. BOM is located in Tilburg and currently employs about 90 people. For more information: www.bom.nl


Monday, 02 May 2016 17:06


On 2 May 2016, LIQAL was awarded the ISO 9001:2008. This certificate shows the Quality Management System meets all strict requirements. The certfifcation applies to design, construction and maintenance of modular gassystems for LNG and H2 distribution. ISO 9001 certificate (E).pdf

Friday October 2nd 2015, the innovative startup company LIQAL was elected winner of the Breda Startup Award edition 2015. The jury praised the ambition, the distinctive strength and potential of the young company. LIQAL develops innovative solutions and systems for LNG stations. LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is an emerging fuel used in shipping and road transport. The first stations are now being built. The company is said to become a serious player in the LNG industry.


The jury consisted of Breda's top entrepreneurs Joris Toonders (Yonego), Janneke Niessen (Improve Digital) and Jeroen van Glabbeek (CM Payments). After face to face meetings and a 2-minute pitch for the audience the ultimate winner was selected. They were impressed by the level of all finalists and the potential they bring for the Breda economy. Earlier, the five finalists for the Breda startup award were chosen by a selection committee consisting of Cees Meeuwis, Aad Ouborg, Jochem de Graaf and Breda city mayor Paul Depla. LIQAL, Route42, Ceres Legal, Sesame Solutions and LED Driven were selected from 15 nominees on the basis of distinctive character, vision, ambition and market potential.

About the Breda Startup Award

The election is an initiative of Starterslift, Business Coach Breda and the town Breda. Together, they search for the Breda startup of the year. The election was held during the Business Coach Breda event ‘Business is top sport - the road to success " in the stadium of NAC.