Dutch magazine for service stations Tankpro organizes its Tankpro exhibition and congress on November 21 and 22 next. LIQAL will participate as a stand holder and both Jorg Raven and Joost Jansen will speak at the congress.

LIQAL’s founder and CEO Jorg Raven was interviewed by the Dutch magazine Tankpro, together with Jonas Cautaerts, Business Developer Colruyt Group. The article is about the first publicly accessible hydrogen fuelling station in Halle, Belgium.

We congratulate our partner Colruyt Group with the official opening of its first publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling station.

Meet us from the 17th till the 20th of september 2018 in Barcelona at Booth L119. Gastech exhibition and conference has been at the forefront of the international gas and LNG market for over 45 years. 

We are proud to introduce our company at this important event.

Our CEO Jorg Raven was interviewed by the Dutch newspaper "Het Financieele Dagblad (FD)". The Dutch "Financial Times" In this interview Jorg Raven explains how we act at the level of multinationals. 

Our CEO Jorg Raven was speaking about our cost-effective biomethane liquefaction systems at 3N’s 'Bio-LNG for transport' conference took place in Werlte, Germany, the 23th of August 18. 

LIQAL is a young and innovative company specializing in the development, design, construction and maintenance of gas installations and is based in Breda, The Netherlands. We focus in particular on Liquefiers and the European market for fueling stations for the clean motor fuels LNG and Hydrogen. Due to the growth of our organization we have an interesting position for a:

Maintenance Engineer

For this position the focus is on hands-on, day-to-day operational aspects and it's important that you like working in a high-paced environment with short communication lines. You get much responsibility from the start and you must be able to work independently.
As Maintenance Engineer you must be highly proficient in technical fault finding & problem solving of all machine and automated systems i.e. mechanical, electrical and control systems. You will be responsible for executing both planned maintenance and emergency repairs. You will provide technical leadership & direction on all maintenance and equipment issues. Your main purpose is safeguarding the continuity of the operation by optimizing and planning the execution of preventive maintenance workorders and identifying suitable timeslots for its execution.

Job content:

  • Answer technical questions from customers
  • Identify and analyse incidents
  • Quick response hands-on problem solving
  • Development of 5 year maintenance plan
  • Create, plan and schedule maintenance workorders
  • Request working permits for grouped activities
  • Check and allocate costs, update parts inventory

Job requirements:

  • MBO+/HBO or comparable gained from experience in technical direction (eg Mechanical Engineering)
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in similar position in installation industry, chemicals, oil & gas, automotive
  • Practical technical insight. Ability and willingness to take up the tools yourself
  • Enormous drive for continuous improvement
  • Good planning and structuring skills
  • Knowledge of PED, ATEX, NEN-1010, work permit system
  • Experience with contract management
  • Self-starter, team player, works carefully and structured
  • Flexible working attitude, willingness to travel occasionally
  • Good command of Dutch and English language, French and / or German is a pré
  • VCA-Full certificate

LIQAL offers:

  • A challenging position with a high degree of responsibility within a young team.
  • Informal working atmosphere
  • High degree of independence and personal responsibility
  • Good remuneration


Then send your resume and motivation letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Candidates with multiple years of experience are eligible for the Maintenance Engineer's job at LIQAL. Level of position and salary depend on capacity and experience.


LIQAL is building a new LNG refuelling station for the Belgian transport company Remitrans. After a tender procedure, LIQAL was awarded the contract. The total concept – from design, production and realisation onsite, up to the maintenance and 24/7 service – was the deciding factor. With the arrival of its own LNG refuelling station Remitrans is continuing to build on reducing CO2 emission in the transport sector.

The necessity thereof appears from the agreements that were made during the climate conference in Paris. To stop global warming, the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 must be limited. Therefore, governments stimulate the use of climate-friendly fuels both at national and international level. LIQAL responded to this development and specialised in tank infrastructure for the environmentally friendly alternatives LNG and hydrogen.

The transport sector becomes greener

It is proven by Remitrans that the transport chain is more aware of its own responsibility in terms of the environment. The Belgian haulier makes every effort to make its company greener, to keep its impact on the environment as low as possible and to contribute to the achievement of the Belgian climate targets. Earlier this year this was rewarded and crowned with the Green Truck Award. “By switching the fleet from diesel to LNG fuel, step-by-step, Remitrans improves the local air quality and we reduce the CO2 emission per truck by at least 20%. With the purchase of 9 ex-factory Euro-VI Volvo trucks, 15% of our trucks will run on liquefied natural gas this year, next year this will be 30%, with as future target to change the entire fleet”, says Frank Coppens, Logistics Manager at Remitrans. The new trucks will have the same performance, driving characteristics and fuel economy as the diesel variant.

Joost Jansen, Business Development Manager at LIQAL, adds “We are sure that LNG is the alternative for diesel in heavy duty and long haul transportation. Now that there are various truck brands available and more and more transport companies decide to switch to clean and affordable LNG, the demand for refuelling stations for this alternative fuel will also increase. Remitrans has selected our recently introduced prefab refuelling station, whereby the time to market can be reduced by a few months. Great for the turnaround time of the project and for the wallet of our customers, that is what we aim for”.

Pre-fabricated fuelling solution

The innovative refuelling concept is compact but matches performance and contains all the technical high-quality elements of a fully-fledged LNG refuelling station. For example, an advanced online monitoring- and trending system, MID-certified fuel dispenser and LIQAL’s patented micro liquefaction technology which ensures unlimited holding time of LNG in the 70,000-litres storage tank and also ensures that all trucks available on the marked can be supplied effectively at desired conditions without the use of liquid nitrogen. Civil works such as excavation work can be limited to a minimum and the system arrives assembled and tested onsite. This reduces the turnaround time. So, it is expected that the Remitrans LNG refuelling station near Ninove will already be in use in the second half of this year both for its own fleet as for LNG trucks of third parties.

LIQAL’s ambition is clear: Serving the European market with high-quality refuelling installations for LNG and hydrogen and systems to liquefy natural gas and biomethane. A great target, because the more the transport sector embraces these gaseous alternatives, the better it is for our environment.


LIQAL is specialised in design, engineering, production and turnkey realisation of complete fuelling systems and fuel dispensers for LNG and hydrogen. In addition, the company has patented micro liquefaction technology to automatically control the conditions in LNG storage tanks and to convert natural gas and biomethane into (Bio)LNG.

About Remitrans

Remitrans is a transport company with 130 employees, 60 000 m² of warehouse space and a fleet with 65 trucks, 150 tautliners, 100 silo trucks and 2 kipper trucks. The focus of Remitrans for tautliner transport lies on national transport and “small” international transport. For silo transport this lies on international transport. For more information: www.remitrans.be.


Tankterminal nv opened its inaugural manned LNG filling station for trucks in Belgium today. This first manned 'multi-fuel' LNG filling station (LNG + diesel + AdBlue + red gas oil) is strategically located along the E17 highway, which is the main corridor between the Netherlands and France via the A16-E19 (Rotterdam-Antwerp) and A1-E17 (Paris-Lille-Ghent) highways. The new LNG filling station is equipped with a storage capacity of 73m³ and currently has the largest LNG buffer in the Benelux region for a total of four LNG dispensers.

LNG filling station

Liquefied Natural Gas is considered to be an attractive, ecological and economical alternative for diesel in heavy transport applications and long distance transport. Switching to LNG significantly reduces emissions of particulate matter, SOx, NOx and CO2. A CO2 reduction of 10 to 20% can be achieved compared to diesel. In fact, when bio-LNG is used, the CO2 reduction can even exceed 90%.

That is why Tankterminal decided to invest in LNG for trucks at its filling station in Lokeren. The ‘multi-card’ LNG filling station is designed for four LNG dispensers and it also has the option to offer LCNG (Compressed Natural Gas from LNG) in the future.


The new LNG filling station at Tankterminal was built by LIQAL from Breda. The station ensures unlimited shelf life of LNG in the storage tank. This is achieved via a BTU (Boil-off gas Treatment Unit or micro liquefaction), without the use of liquid nitrogen. Tankterminal can offer the end users both cold (3-4 bar) and saturated (7-8 bar) LNG in addition to the existing fuels for trucks, diesel, AdBlue and red gas oil. This allows the ‘multi-fuel’ LNG filling station to provide all truck brands on the market (like Volvo, Iveco and Scania) with LNG under optimal conditions. LIQAL will remain responsible for the technical management and maintenance of the LNG filling station.

Refuelling at the new LNG filling station is possible with the Romac Fuels card for LNG, and with the own Tankterminal fuel card for LNG, diesel and AdBlue. Additional fuel cards will be added soon. The following payment cards are also accepted: DKV, UTA, Maestro, MasterCard and Visa.


LIQAL and Technical Services Group (TSG), formerly known as Tokheim Solutions, have signed a partnership for the reselling and servicing of dispensers and fuelling systems for the clean transport fuel liquefied natural gas (LNG).

TSG is the distributor of Tokheim fuelling technology and is the market leader in delivery and maintenance of fuelling installations for the traditional fuels. LIQAL is a leading supplier specialized in the design, engineering, production and delivery of complete fuelling installations for LNG and hydrogen. Several international LNG station operators already work with a LIQAL fuelling system, foreseen with LIQAL LNG fuel dispensers. This dispenser is full of innovations, among which is the patented heated and purged nozzle docking bay, and complies to the latest international standards, including the MID regulation.

Both parties combine their experience and know-how in order to increase their reach and technology offering, and to be able to offer customers optimal all-in solutions.

“We are very happy with this partnership. TSG has a leading position in the fuel market and an excellent covering network of service specialists that offer 24/7 availability. Also their quality and safety objectives correspond to our brand and what we stand for. This partnership enables us to provide the users of our technology in different countries with quality aftercare” said Jorg Raven, CEO of LIQAL.

Mario Boere, Managing Director of TSG Netherlands adds “Via this partnership we can, aside from our current technology and services for the more traditional fuels, give substance to the growing and promising market for LNG with the innovative and high quality systems of LIQAL.”

Due to the benefits on both an ecological and an economical level, the adoption of the transport fuel LNG has increased rapidly. Now that several renowned truck suppliers such as Volvo, Scania and Iveco deliver ex-factory trucks, more transporters choose for this fuel. Thanks to the brand-new cooperation between LIQAL and TSG, both current LNG station operators as well as the service station owners that are considering LNG, are now guaranteed a future-proof technology and a reliable operation.