LNG Dispenser: user-friendly, reliable and cost effective

LIQAL’s self-designed and produced LNG fuel dispensers comply to all standards to sell LNG as transport fuel including the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and are fully certified to operate on the European market.

Unique and patented features:

  • CE Certified
  • MID/OIML R117-1 approved
  • Connection to any (MID certified) Point Of Sales (POS) system via IFSF protocol (standard)
  • Remote I/O for robust, modular and flexible arrangement with autonomous SIL-2 PLC
  • Suitable for single and double vehicle tank configuration(s)
  • 2-sided truck fuelling position
  • Compatible with venting and filling through same connection (Volvo)
  • Driver choice cold- or saturated LNG on touchscreen display (optional)
  • Ergonomic and user friendly hose position and nozzle docking configuration
  • Designed for underground or duct connection and installation on separate dispenser island
  • Delivering LNG at subcooled conditions and saturation temperature around 7 barg (-127ºC)
  • Maximum delivery pressure is 15.0 barg
  • Maximum filling speed is 150 liter/min





0. Ground Level  
1. LNG Out  
2. LNG In  
3. Open/Close  
4. Flow Meter   
5. Control Valve  
6. ESD Valve  
7. Breakaways   
8. Nozzles  
9. Underground Box  

Design Specifications  


Ambient Conditions  

 Operating pressure  3.0 – 15.0 barg    Outside temperature  Min - 20°C to max +35°c
 Operating temperature  -150°C tot 125°C    Average ambient temperature  +15°C
 Design pressure  0/17.2 barg    Humidity (RH)  Max 85%
 Design temperature  -196°C/+50°C    Earthquake zone  Eurocode 8
 Mass Flow (Liquid Flow)  Up to 63kg/min (150 liter/min)    Max wind load  160 km/h

The most intelligent and reliable LNG dispenser
on the market today


Innovative and patented technics

A patent has been obtained for the nozzle docking bay, which is integrated in LIQAL’s latest dispenser line. This docking bay is heated and purged in order to ensure tension-free connection and de-coupling of the nozzles to and from LNG-powered vehicles, as well as long life of nozzle seals and hoses.
The latest LIQAL dispenser has been implemented at the forecourt of various LNG station operators across North-West Europe who are convinced of its benefits compared to traditional dispensing- and docking devices.

Specifications and intelligent features

  • LIQAL LNG dispenser 2Stainless steel enclosure material, white
  • Start push button / deadman’s button
  • Emergency push button
  • Integrated SIL-2 RIO/PLC with control logic for autonomous operation
  • Read-out display for process conditions and truck driver information
  • MID display for displaying total amount, total kg and price per kg
  • Cryogenic strainer (filter) with mesh size 0,25 mm/ 250 micron
  • Stainless steel filling and vapour return hose 3 m length including monitored break-aways
  • LNG filling nozzle (Macrotech CryoMac2- 50gpm)
  • LNG vapour nozzle (Macrotech QDV)
  • Time controlled instrument air system and nozzle to optimize and minimize instrument air usage
  • Patented heated and purged nozzle docking bay
  • Valves for precooling, vapour return (pneumatically operated), pressure relief valves inside cabinet
  • Coriolis mass flow meter (Endress + Hauser)
  • SIL-2 ESD sensors, air temperature- and gas detection sensors inside the housing
  • CE certified


pdf LIQALPlease download our LNG Dispenser product sheet to find out more!


LNG refuelling stations and skid-mounted and relocatable LNG refuelling station
for heavy-duty transportation

The LNG dispenser is being used in our state-of-the-art filling stations to supply LNG as a mainstream fuel to trucks, buses, trains and ships. Read more about our LNG fuelling station


LIQAL also developed a skid-mounted LNG truck refuelling station that offers station operators best in class performance with the flexibility of a relocatable system at lower investment requirements for both fuelling equipment and onsite project preparations.

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