State-of-the-art filling stations

We design and produce state-of-the-art filling stations to supply LNG as a mainstream fuel to trucks, buses, trains and ships. Our innovative technology ensures trouble free and reliable performance against low total cost of ownership. We take responsibility for Design, Build, Maintenance and (technical) Operation of LNG refuelling systems.

Our LNG refuelling systems combine the following performance features:


  • Fully automated, safe, robust, modular and flexible
  • Full control over storage and delivery conditions of the LNG
  • Standard LNG Storage pressure to be set between 3 and 6 bar(g), saturated delivery pressure up to 9 bar(g) on the fly
  • Unlimited shelf life of the LNG in the storage = no loss of product = no methane emissons, ensured by efficient re-liquefaction of vapour
  • Low energy consumption, no liquid nitrogen logistics and consumption
  • Consistent operational performance of the fuelling station in all conditions
  • Minimization of heat input from tank process to the LNG in the storage
  • Vapour Recovery Capability for trucks
  • Great flexibility in placing of dispensers and LNG unloading box and integration into existing service station
  • Suitable for all filling systems and truck brands in 1 and 2 tank configuration
  • User friendly dispenser design for frequent use
  • Connection of LNG station/dispensers with payment system via IFSF protocol any payment system
  • LCNG System to be added optionally; the standard LNG Station design is prepared for the LCNG system


LIQAL LNG Station main components

LNG Fuelling station



1. Off-load Box  
2. LNG Storage  
3. Boil-off Gas Treatment Unit  
4. Pumpskid with Heater  
5. Underground Piping  
6. Dispensers  

What is Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)?

LNG is natural gas cooled to -162°C, the temperature at which methane, its main component, changes state into liquid. In the cooling process impurities are reduced. This gives LNG significant emission related advantages in comparison to traditional fuels. Sulphur is removed in advance of liquefaction, and nitrogen levels are cut by 90% resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions and practically no particulate emissions.

Flexible Standardized LNG Stations

Bright future for LNG as a fuel

With diesel and its negative environmental credentials and electrification better suited to passenger cars and lighteduty vehicles, heavy-duty truck manufacturers and users are looking at LNG as a strong contender for market growth. Currently the European market has an estimated 2000 LNG-fuelled trucks. To realize ambitious climate goals, such as the 20% reduction in emissions by 2020 by the European Union, there is a need for significant investments in new LNG fuelling stations in order for LNG-fuelled trucks to enter into the mainstream market.

Because of its economical and ecological benefits, LNG is considered as the most promising replacement fuel for diesel in heavy duty transportation. There are off the shelve vehicles and barges available on the market with no concession on performance compared to its diesel counterparts. The network of refuelling infrastructure is gradually increasing and LNG is affordable.

Skid-mounted and relocatable LNG refuelling station

LIQAL developed a skid-mounted LNG truck refuelling station that offers station operators best in class performance with the flexibility of a relocatable system at lower investment requirements for both fuelling equipment and onsite project preparations.

This completely pre-fabricated and transportable LNG refuelling unit, the ‘MRU’, is SIL-2 classified and complies with the latest international standards and regulations, including ISO 16924. Because LIQAL integrated intelligent features of its proprietary design like on-the-fly saturation, a vapour return economizer, its MID certified LNG fuel dispenser with patented heated and purged nozzle docking bay and 24/7 iSCADA remote monitoring system, end users do not need to do any concession on fuelling performance compared to a fixed LNG station configuration. 




The MRU offers the opportunity to position the dispenser at a distance from the skid for 2-sided refuelling of LNG and to add a LCNG system. After turnkey supply and commissioning of the MRU, LIQAL takes responsibility for technical operation and maintenance of the system, if requested by client.

Limit your TCO to a minimum

Overhead expenditures can be as high as 35% of your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The technical innovations of LIQAL limit these costs to a minimum, and saves your precious time to focus on your regular business operations. Call LIQAL now for a free estimate or quotation +31(0)8-54 861 000 or contact LIQAL.


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