Hydrogen fuelling technology for the transport sector

Hydrogen has a great potential as zero emission transport fuel and is able to play a big role in making mobility clean and sustainable. As LIQAL we aim to play an important role in the further development of this clean transport fuel by providing innovative and proven hydrogen fuelling technology and turnkey projects

Hydrogen Fuelling to accelerate decarbonisation

Hydrogen fuelling gives us the opportunity to decarbonise transport and to bring emissions down to zero. When produced from low-emission primary energy sources, particularly renewable energy, it is a potential alternative transport fuel to gasoline and diesel that can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving global energy security.

When will it happen?

Hydrogen has powered engines since 1807 and is the most abundant element on earth. Most manufacturers are experimenting with the technology and several renowned OEM’s have started producing small numbers of vehicles. Yet hydrogen has not taken off on a bigger scale in the transport sector. One of the reasons is the lack of fuelling infrastructure. The clichéd analogy is the chicken-and-egg dilemma, but it rings true here. If there is nowhere to refuel a car, why own one, and if there are no cars around, why build refuelling stations?

The key to encouraging hydrogen vehicles is making them part of a wider ‘hydrogen economy’
building refuelling stations for hydrogen is the way LIQAL is contributing to this.

Hydrogen fuelling solutions

LIQAL’s Hydrogen fuel dispensers are an attractive high quality solution with the latest innovations in safety and user-friendly operation. They are designed with the look and functionality of the known dispensers for traditional fuels with a full range of applications as among others high speed back-to-back vehicle refuelling .

Our Hydrogen stations combine the following performance features:

  • Modular design
  • Pre-fabricated and modular fuel solutions
  • Grow-as-you-go concept (booster and storage capacity)
  • Hydrogen cooling technology for fast refuelling
  • 350 bar and 700 bar hydrogen fuelling systems
  • Our complete systems comply to the latest international standards and applicable (national) legislation
  • Technology for production of hydrogen can also be provided by our strategic partners