Hydrogen Fuelling station Halle Belgium

Design, production and turnkey realisation of a 700 bar fast-fill Hydrogen fuelling station

Colruyt Group, the Belgium company that successfully operates in three countries with different brands and activities like super market and service station operations, has made significant investments in innovative hydrogen projects since 2004. For example, the distribution centre in Halle has 75 hydrogen forklift trucks running on green hydrogen generated from electrolysis.

The Colruyt Group wanted to expand this existing fuelling station next to its distribution centre in Halle with a first green public hydrogen fast-fill fuel station for 13 hydrogen passenger cars that run within the group.

Innovative Hydrogen Project

Colruyt contracted LIQAL for the realization of this 700 bar fuelling facility because of LIQAL’s experience in the design, build, maintain and operation of LNG and Hydrogen fuelling stations.

Opening a fuelling station for hydrogen is an important next step and brings hydrogen one step closer to the consumer. From now on, customers can buy conventional and green fuels at the DATS 24 filling station in Halle (Belgium), as well as 100% green hydrogen that is produced using renewable electricity.



Hydrogen solutions

The integration of a hydrogen pump in a 'traditional' filling station is unique in Europe. A number of technical and practical hurdles needed to be overcome. The Hydrogen fuelling market is also new for the authorities that deal with permits and regulations. Our experience ensured the realisation.

The distance between the production location and the fuelling station had to be covered and practical questions needed to be answered like how much hydrogen should be available at the pump? How many customers could be expected? How do we store the Hydrogen and make sure that it is available at the right pressure? What are the peak requirements for the station?For the forklift trucks 350 bar is required, but for the cars this needs to be increased to 700 bar.

LIQAL converted the technical and practical hurdles into solutions ensuring the first green public hydrogen fuelling station which has been integrated at an existing service station.