Liquefaction solutions

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Micro Liquefaction technology

The LIQAL liquefaction solutions ensure unlimited storage time for LNG due to reducing pressure and zero emissions. Our liquefaction products comply with the highest standards and legislation, and our solution for liquefaction of (bio)methane is based on the same patented technology.

Our product


LIQAL Boil-off Gas Treatment Unit (BTU)

Our Boil-off Gas liquefier, BTU, ensures unlimited storage time for your LNG and guarantees a perfectly conditioned liquid for your fueling station.

This modular unit removes the need for active management of storage pressure and eliminates the need for LIN consumption and logistics, significantly reducing the required man-hours, energy consumption, and total cost of ownership.

  • Integrated PLC with control logic for autonomous operation
  • Fast start-up time
  • Up to 65 Nm3/hr treatment capacity
  • Standardized 10ft high-cube container size and relocatable
  • Can work with any LNG storage tank with a liquid and vapor connection

Consistent LNG Refueling. Unlimited Storage. The Benefits of the LIQAL BTU Boil-Off Gas Treatment UNIT (BTU)

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The LIQAL | DFS Boil-Off Gas Management Solution

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LC3 Trasporti Install LIQAL BTU System in Italy

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