Bright future for Hydrogen as a fuel

Are you considering Hydrogen as a fuel, consult our LIQAL advisor or contact Peter den Breeijen, our Business Development Manager Hydrogen

Considered to become one of the mainstream alternative fuels

Green energy-based hydrogen, as a zero-emission transport fuel, is currently considered to become one of the mainstream alternative fuels in the long term. LIQAL’s hydrogen products are designed to provide an excellent fueling experience and a reliable and safe operation. Our hydrogen products comply with the highest standards and legislation, including SAE J2601 and PGS35.

Our products

LIQAL Hydrogen Station Open Access

  • Full forecourt integration for optimal accessibility for vehicles
  • Hydrogen supply by tube trailer, pipeline, or electrolyzer
  • For trucks, buses, and light vehicles at 350bar and 700bar configurations
  • Advanced Hydrogen dispenser with refrigeration solution and connection to your POS
  • Secure remote access included
  • Optional advanced SCADA system and data storage available
  • Integrated SIL-2 safety PLC and ESD system
Hydrogen Dispenser

DFS Hydrogen Dispenser

The advanced stand-alone hydrogen fuel dispensers, including cooling technology, are designed and produced in-house and are compliant with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).

  • Integrated PLC with control logic for autonomous operation
  • Can be connected to any HRS
  • 2- sided fueling position
  • Integrated heat exchanger for fast filling
  • 350 and 700 bar configurations in one dispenser
  • Up to 120 g/s
  • Connection to any MID certified POS system via IFSF protocol
  • Optional supplied with complete refrigeration solution

Hydrogen: A fuel of the Future?

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