Consistent LNG Refueling. Unlimited Storage. The Benefits of the LIQAL BTU Boil-Off Gas Treatment UNIT (BTU)


As we move forward, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) will become one of the mainstream fuels for heavy-duty transport – even more so for the fully sustainable variant bio-LNG – within the fuel and convenience retail industry. It’s an essential part of the decarbonized energy mix, next to hydrogen and electricity, for the transport sector. So, why aren’t there more LNG stations, and why aren’t new LNG powered vehicles being registered by fleet owners?

Soaring Gas Prices and Economic Uncertainty.

These are two of the main concerns for fuel retail businesses and fleet owners across Europe. As such, there is a reluctance to invest in new clean fuels until the market settles down and prices start to reduce. What many don’t realise is the energy mix in the fuel retail and convenience industry is only going to change and grow as the world tries to balance the ever-growing global demand for more energy. Businesses need to make the right investments in clean fuel now so they can effectively take on new challenges this energy diversification brings.

The LIQAL LNG dispenser and LIQAL BTU Boil-off Gas Treatment Unit are sound investments that can help take the pressure off a business (quite literally). With the LIQAL LNG dispenser offering an intuitive fueling experience for truck drivers, with outstanding uptime, and the LIQAL BTU system providing advanced liquefaction technology to ensure reliable performance, business owners can upgrade their fuel sites, against low total cost of ownership (TCO), while investing in the latest clean fuel technology.

If you’re concerned of high OPEX costs and high liquid nitrogen (LIN) logistic costs as well as the management, logistics and operations burden – you don’t have to be. With the unique patented BTU re-liquefaction system, the pressure is off.

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