Belgian transport company Remitrans goes for LNG


LIQAL is building a new LNG refuelling station for the Belgian transport company Remitrans. After a tender procedure, LIQAL was awarded the contract. The total concept – from design, production and realisation onsite, up to the maintenance and 24/7 service – was the deciding factor. With the arrival of its own LNG refuelling station Remitrans is continuing to build on reducing CO2 emission in the transport sector.

The necessity thereof appears from the agreements that were made during the climate conference in Paris. To stop global warming, the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 must be limited. Therefore, governments stimulate the use of climate-friendly fuels both at national and international level. LIQAL responded to this development and specialised in tank infrastructure for the environmentally friendly alternatives LNG and hydrogen.

The transport sector becomes greener

It is proven by Remitrans that the transport chain is more aware of its own responsibility in terms of the environment. The Belgian haulier makes every effort to make its company greener, to keep its impact on the environment as low as possible and to contribute to the achievement of the Belgian climate targets. Earlier this year this was rewarded and crowned with the Green Truck Award. “By switching the fleet from diesel to LNG fuel, step-by-step, Remitrans improves the local air quality and we reduce the CO2 emission per truck by at least 20%. With the purchase of 9 ex-factory Euro-VI Volvo trucks, 15% of our trucks will run on liquefied natural gas this year, next year this will be 30%, with as future target to change the entire fleet”, says Frank Coppens, Logistics Manager at Remitrans. The new trucks will have the same performance, driving characteristics and fuel economy as the diesel variant.

Joost Jansen, Business Development Manager at LIQAL, adds “We are sure that LNG is the alternative for diesel in heavy duty and long haul transportation. Now that there are various truck brands available and more and more transport companies decide to switch to clean and affordable LNG, the demand for refuelling stations for this alternative fuel will also increase. Remitrans has selected our recently introduced prefab refuelling station, whereby the time to market can be reduced by a few months. Great for the turnaround time of the project and for the wallet of our customers, that is what we aim for”.

Pre-fabricated fuelling solution

The innovative refuelling concept is compact but matches performance and contains all the technical high-quality elements of a fully-fledged LNG refuelling station. For example, an advanced online monitoring- and trending system, MID-certified fuel dispenser and LIQAL’s patented micro liquefaction technology which ensures unlimited holding time of LNG in the 70,000-litres storage tank and also ensures that all trucks available on the marked can be supplied effectively at desired conditions without the use of liquid nitrogen. Civil works such as excavation work can be limited to a minimum and the system arrives assembled and tested onsite. This reduces the turnaround time. So, it is expected that the Remitrans LNG refuelling station near Ninove will already be in use in the second half of this year both for its own fleet as for LNG trucks of third parties.

LIQAL’s ambition is clear: Serving the European market with high-quality refuelling installations for LNG and hydrogen and systems to liquefy natural gas and biomethane. A great target, because the more the transport sector embraces these gaseous alternatives, the better it is for our environment.


LIQAL is specialised in design, engineering, production and turnkey realisation of complete fuelling systems and fuel dispensers for LNG and hydrogen. In addition, the company has patented micro liquefaction technology to automatically control the conditions in LNG storage tanks and to convert natural gas and biomethane into (Bio)LNG.

About Remitrans

Remitrans is a transport company with 130 employees, 60 000 m² of warehouse space and a fleet with 65 trucks, 150 tautliners, 100 silo trucks and 2 kipper trucks. The focus of Remitrans for tautliner transport lies on national transport and “small” international transport. For silo transport this lies on international transport. For more information:

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