Decarbonization of transport

At LIQAL, we believe in a cleaner future for our planet. Paving a way to a better, more efficient future is in our DNA. We provide advanced technology and keep you updated with real-time data insights; so you can combine a cleaner future with the best fueling experience. LIQAL’s goal: contribute to reaching 100 million tons of CO2 reduction in 2045.

Future focused innovation

Passion for excellence

Customer focused

Individual leadership


LIQAL’s LNG stations have supplied LNG for 63 million clean truck kilometers during the last 12 months.


Average yearly station availability of LIQAL refueling stations for which we execute remote performance management is 99%.


Our fuel station network is rapidly expanding. In the coming years, LIQAL’s installed base will double.

Our story

Founded in 2014 LIQAL has continuously innovated the transport fueling world as we know it. In 2016 we launched our patented micro liquefaction technology followed by our patented nozzle docking technology in 2017. Because of the growing importance of data, we invested in our own SCADA system, launching an advanced remote operations system in 2018. With the introduction of our bio LNG liquefier, we reduced fuel cost and CO2 emissions in the production of bio LNG. In 2019 after 5 years we had grown out of our previous offices and relocated to facilitate further growth.

In 2021, LIQAL was acquired by Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS). DFS is part of Dover Corporation and a leading provider of advanced energy dispensing equipment, electronic automation and payment systems, automatic tank gauging and subscription solutions to fueling and convenience retail customers worldwide. Comprises of brands Wayne Fueling Systems, TokheimOPW Fuel Management Systems, ClearViewProGauge, Fairbanks, AvaLAN Networks, and LIQAL, DFS is dedicated to offering a broad range of solutions that power vehicles, including conventional fuel and clean energy products that support gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel and ethanol as well as LNG, H2, LPG, CNG and EV chargers.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, DFS has a strong global manufacturing and technology development presence, including facilities in Brazil, China, India, Italy, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. For more information about DFS.

DFS’ impressive portfolio of innovative creations take the best that each of DFS’ product brands has to offer to develop ground-breaking solutions that embrace lot and drive change forward.