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LNG Fueling

Our state-of-the-art LNG fueling solutions.


Our innovative liquefaction and re-liquefaction solutions for boil-off gas, biomethane, or natural gas.

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Hydrogen or LNG fueling solutions? We make it easy for you.
We provide advanced technology and make sure your station keeps performing optimally by managing the technical operations for you. We keep you updated with real-time data insights; so you can combine a cleaner future with the best fueling experience.

Remote Services

One step ahead through our remote process control, monitoring software, and real-time data insight solutions.

LIQAL Academy

Through daily analysis and monitoring, we have built an extensive knowledge database. We offer on- and offsite training to get you up to speed

Meet our clients

Curious who has already joined the journey to decarbonization?

„With LIQAL we have found the competent and trustworthy partner to meet the needs of existing and future customers in Germany with state-of-the-art, safe and reliable LNG technology“

Alexander Schneider
Director FAS

“Gasrec took delivery of our first LNG station from Liqal earlier this year and we are very pleased with our decision to work with LIQAL. We have the next generation LNG station technology including microliquefaction to control boil off and provide the coldest fuel for Volvos, as well as saturated fuel at the touch of a button. I also really appreciate the collaboration with LIQAL who have been very focused on providing fast and effective support in operation as well as proactive solutions including meeting different requirements for the UK”.

Tom Lamy
Project Development Lead

“The work of LIQAL involved the engineering, procurement & construction, commissioning and support of the integration of the new hydrogen station into an existing station. LIQAL performed in a satisfying and safe manner under a demanding schedule with high visibility. The station is already operating for several years with a high reliability. Therefore we would recommend LIQAL as a knowledgeable partner for the realisation of future hydrogen stations”.

Peter Basteleus
Head of Department, Technics, Real Estate & Energy