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Our state-of-the-art LNG stations combine the following features:

  • Unlimited holding time of LNG, zero product loss and zero methane emissions
  • No consumption of LIN (Liquefied Nitrogen) and no LIN logistics needed
  • Complete freedom in positioning the dispensers and roadtanker offloading point
  • Fueling and unloading at the same time
  • CNG fueling system can be added as an option
  • LNG dispensers have full MID certification and patented nozzle bay to enhance nozzle&hose lifetime
  • Full control over the LNG storage and delivery conditions, fully automated.
  • Designed & Engineered according to Dutch PGS33-1, EN13645, ATEX 95 and 137, PED 97/23/EC, ASMI VIII / AD2000, MID/OIML R 117-1
  • Compliant to all applicable codes. CE marked.

Please download our product sheets (LIQAL_lng_fueling.pdf LIQAL_dispenser.pdf) to find out more!